Sadistic Mistress Malice
If You Have Been Intelligent Enough To Find My Site I Am Going To Hope You Are Also Smart Enough To Take The Time To Read It Completely. In Other Words Don't Just Look At The Free Pictures And Videos While Drooling Uncontrollably All Over Yourself! Domination Is Not About Sexually Gratifying Yourself. It Is About Finding A Place In My Life That Will Best Make Use Of Your Submissive Nature And Pleases Me Most. If You Disagree With This Simple Statement Then There Is No Point In Traveling Any Deeper Into My Sadistic Web. A Pseudo-Slave Such As Yourself Has Absolutely No Place Or Value In My Cruel World!

For Those Of You Who Are Sincere But Do Not Yet Know Me I Am Mistress Malice The Extreme Sadist, A Natural Born Malicious Bitch That Derives Sadistic Sexual Pleasure From The Emotional And Physical Suffering Of Others! I Am Your Wettest Fucking Fantasy And Your Worst Fucking Nightmare All Rolled Up Into One Incredible Mindfuck Without Lube That Will Haunt You Forever! I Truly Am The Evil Bitch Your Mother Always Warned You About And The Wicked Temptress That You've Always Craved Yet Fear At The Very Same Time. Your Obedient Devotion Feeds My Corrupted Narcissistic Soul And Your Addiction To Me Turns Me On More Than Your Broken Submissive Body Ever Will. Your Physical And Psychological Pain Is My Sweetest Pleasure, But It's Not The Physical Pain That You Should Fear, It's What I'm Going To Do To Your Weak Inferior Mind That Should Scare You!

My Irresistible Sadism Will Seep Into Your Veins Like Venomous Poison And Leave You Helpless And Spellbound As Your Need To Serve Me Grows Deeper. I Will Own You Body, Mind, Heart, And Soul. I Will Be The Drug You Crave Above All Others And Can Not Resist. I Will Be The Center Of Your Pathetic Miserable World. I Will Turn All Of Your Domination And Fetish Fantasies Into Cruel Reality. I Will Force You To Do Things That You've Never Even Imagined, And Then I Will Make You Grovel And Degrade Yourself For More! I Don't Want Your Obedience Because You Fear Me, Although You Should! Haha! I Want Your Obedience Because You Fear Losing Me, Just Like A Little Puppy Dog That I Can Kick Over And Over Again, Yet Still Have It Look Up At Me With Adoring Eyes!

Before Begging To Serve Me Consider Yourself Forewarned That I Have Many Facets To My Passionate Personality And I Have Been Known To Be Quite Volatile. My Moods Can Be As Varied As The Weather And You Should Beware To Pay Close Attention To Them And Alter Your Own Behavior Accordingly. I Am Not The Right Mistress For The "TRULY STUPID" Slave, Although As Much As I Love Humiliating Stupid Males I May Treat You Like An Ignorant Piece Of Shit Anyway. My Sadistic Appetite Craves Intelligent And Creative Slaves That Can Learn To Anticipate My Every Need. My Demanding Nature Requires Devoted Submissives Who Are Obedient And Unselfish In All Ways. This Is The Type Of Submissive You Will Be Or You Will Not Be Owned By Me For Long.

Only Those Who Are Truly Eager To Please Me Will Be Allowed To Serve Me. Those Who Fail To Please And Amuse Me Will Quickly Be Dismissed And Sent Away Forever. In Other Words, If You Show Me That You Are A Total Fucking Remedial Idiot With No Hope Of Ever Serving Me Correctly You Will Find Yourself Obsolete! NO EXCEPTIONS!

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Sadistic Mistress Malice